Haunting Adeline: (Cat and Mouse Duet Book 1 & 2) H. D. Carlton

If you’re a fan of suspense thriller books, Haunting Adeline is a must-read for you. It comes in two parts- Haunting Adeline (part 1) and Hunting Adeline (part 2). This fiction narrates how Adeline, a simple girl, finds herself in a situation full of secrets and dangerous occurrences.

I love thrillers, and suspense is what I look for. So, I’ve enjoyed the book very much. Let me share what I think about it.

Let’s start with the plot.


I’ve already said that the story is about a girl called Adeline and her surroundings. While leading her simple life, Adeline suddenly gets notified about receiving an old mansion from her distant relative. Being the new owner of the mansion, she decided to explore the property. This is where the suspense starts.

She started facing strange events, seeing mysterious shadows, and hearing supernatural murmurs. Instead of running away, she decided to dig deeper to reach the source of such strange events.

With her progress toward solving the mystery, the plot comes up with more intense twists and suspense.

The plot seems to be common, but the narrating style of the author has made the story unique. The author has done a truly magical thing using the proper elements when needed. I’ll discuss her writing style later.

Development of Characters

H.D. Carlton has shown her natural ability to develop the characters. As the story has only one main character, its development must be clear and precise. She hasn’t disappointed the readers here.

The best thing is she hasn’t forgotten to concentrate on other characters too. Each character in this story has a persona that the readers enjoy. Also, each of them has a significant impact on the story. She has left no gap here.


I don’t think the storyline is vague here. It is the author’s credit to keep the story smoothly flowing.

From first to last, the author has described the scenarios well. As a reader, I haven’t faced any problem understanding anything or relating the events to each other.

Development of Ambience

Creating the ambiance for mystery and suspense is not easy. But the author has done it pretty well. Placing the right words in the right places, she has described every situation perfectly to bring them to life.

Her ways of developing tension and then describing the events are very effective, in my opinion. Without some minor issues, she has successfully established the necessary ambiance in each part of the story.


Writing Style

In my opinion, the author has a distinct writing style that keeps the readers attracted till the end of the book. Many may not agree with me on this statement, but I think she has a hidden magnet that doesn’t allow the readers to leave the story in the middle.

The best thing is she knows what to put when. As a result, this suspense thriller book contains slight romance, too, without hampering the concentration of the readers. I don’t know if she had to work hard to ensure such balance or if she did it naturally, but I admire this style.

I don’t want to give a spoiler. So, I can’t share any part of the story. But she had blown my mind in some parts with her storytelling capacity.

With a strong buildup, well-executed narration, and authentic development, the author has created a reader magnet in the book. Thus, you’ll find it difficult to close the book before finishing.

Concluding Words

In my opinion, Haunting Adeline is a great read for suspense and thriller lovers. It won’t bore you because the author has a very interesting tone that keeps the readers engaged in the story until finishing.

Besides mysteries and suspense, this book has a slight touch of romance. H.D. Carlton knows how to blend them all without hampering the reader’s concentration.

This is by far the most favorite book of mine from the writer. You can give it a try.


N.B.- I’ve seen people asking questions if the parts are related or not. Yes, the parts are related. You need to read the first part (Haunting Adeline) first. Then you can go for the second part (Hunting Adeline).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the “Haunting Adeline” book suitable for young readers? The “Haunting Adeline” book contains elements of mystery and suspense, which may not be suitable for young readers. It is recommended for mature audiences.
  2. Does the book have a sequel? At the time of writing this article, there is no official sequel to the “Haunting Adeline” book. However, fans are eagerly anticipating future releases from the author.
  3. Is the “Haunting Adeline” book based on a true story? The “Haunting Adeline” book is a work of fiction and is not based on a true story. The author crafted the plot and characters entirely from their imagination.
  4. Where can I purchase the “Haunting Adeline” book? You can find the “Haunting Adeline” book at major book retailers, both online and in physical stores. It is available in various formats, including paperback and e-book.
  5. Does the book have a film adaptation? As of now, there are no announced plans for a film adaptation of the “Haunting Adeline” book. However, the book’s captivating narrative would lend itself well to the big screen.